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Executives: If you are out of work and/or seeking an executive job, we would like to talk to you about a high paying executive management position near where you live. We have many traditional and non-traditional high paying jobs, business opportunities or business ventures for C level executives nationwide. Our client firms pay our fees not our candidates!

We also refer high net worth executive candidates to private equity firms that prefer candidates who have run companies of all sizes (startups to Fortune 500s) when they put together teams of executives to try to acquire a company.  Often, it may be required that you work on a sweat equity basis until the company is funded. Our private equity firms pay our fees not candidates. 

Start up Companies: We have direct access to many VCs and single family and multi-family offices as well as  over 500  professional money raisers in our data base that have Rolodexes of investors, VCs, single family and multi-family offices, private equity firms, hedge funds, angel investors and/or institutional investors who, in turn, can provide loans and/or equity to fund companies such as yours in need of less than $5M to $500M or more. Each of our money raisers may have on average 100 funders of various kinds so when we refer you and your funding needs to our money raisers it is sort of like introducing your project to as many as 50,000 funders but since not all of the funders will  like a  business in your industry, you do not have to waste your time talking to 50,000 funders but only the ones our money raisers know may favor a business like yours.  You do not need collateral if you have a good business plan which indicates that if you get the funding you need, you will be able to pay it back or simply be a good investment for investors over the long term. We do not raise money for startups. We only introduce funders or money raisers who in turn introduce funders to our client firms.

We charge a recruitment fee to introduce you to funders directly or to money raisers who in turn can introduce you to funders. You can hire one or more of our money raisers as Vice President of Capital Formation or sign a contract with them to introduce funders to you who may be able to provide funding  from less than $5M to $500M or more.

If you have had a difficult time finding funding for your firm, we may be the answer to what you are looking for to find the  perfect money raiser to find the funds you need to grow your business. First we have to find a money raiser who likes your business and has the investors who can fund a business such as yours in your industry.

Employers: If you need to hire a high level executive, we have the best in the industry and our recruitment fees are very reasonable.  Learn more about our executive staffing services and our unique fee structure.


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