Open Positions for Executive Sales/Management Opportunities 

Vice President of Capital Formation
We represent a firm which is seeking professional money raisers for startups. All of their startups have high profit margin products or services which make them appealing to investors. They have from 30 to 50 startups from time to time seeking less than $5M to over $50M. Candidates must have a Rolodex of single-family or multi-family offices which invest in startups, VCs, private equity firms, angel investors and other funders. Typically, professional money raisers who can find funding for startups earn far more money than most other executives doing almost any other types of work.

President of a Company of your Choice
If you can come up with a firm which is for sale for $100M or more and you are willing to run the company, we can provide you with a funding source and possibly other executives who may want to throw in with you to run the company.

B2B Executive Sales/Credit Card Processing 

Can you call on businesses near where you live?
Work for a company that does billions of dollars of transactions per year where you get training in your own area, earn advance commissions of from $75 to $750 per sale and then residual income of 20% of the profits forever on all accounts every month or, without advance commissions, you can earn 40% of profits every month forever. You will not make much more than $50-75k the first year but in the second year with the compounding of residual income from additional accounts you should begin earning $100k or more per year. All of your accounts vest once you begin earning $3,000 per month which means that if you are ever terminated, retire or quit, you will receive the residual income from all of your accounts for as long as they stay with the company. Since this firm hardly ever loses accounts, you could be receiving residual income for 5-10 years or more! What other firm offers you so much. Send me your resume and then call me to let me know if you would like to apply for this job. Some of the top producers for this firm earn as much as $200-250k. To make more than this, you would have to move up to management. 

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