Executive Job Search Tips

If you are an executive seeking a high paying job, here are a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired. Over the years many candidates of mine have told me that the following services have been some of the most helpful in their executive job search

Free Resume Review - Before posting your resume online you need to make sure that your resume is sending the right message having your resume reviewed.  There are hundreds of 'free resume critiques' out there - and most of them are terrible!  I found one service, getinterviews.com,  that provides a high quality, customized, written resume review. Visit http://www.getinterviews.com/srs/ to get your complementary resume review.

Post Your Resume - Once you are you sure that your executive resume is solid, you can post your resume on The Recruiter Network for free and potentially be found by a large network of recruiters around the world!  

Executive Job Search Links:
Resume Spider - At Resume Spider you can access to a network of companies that do not advertise their jobs. You can also email your resume to 100's of targeted companies right away. This is the site that changed job searching.

Jobs by Fax

Last but not least, ExecuNet is a private network for senior–level executives. Whether your dream is to

     ...land and succeed in a new $150K+ executive job,

       ...become better at facing the everyday challenges of your business, or

         ...tackle long-term goals and achieve your full potential as a business leader,

ExecuNet can connect you to the people, insights and opportunities you've been looking for to achieve the success you deserve. Through the ExecuNet network, you'll connect with thousands of trusted business leaders, executive career advisors and recruiters; where you can Tap Into Unadvertised $150K+ Jobs,Connect with Recruiters, Gain Expert Insights to Help You Make Your Next Step & Successfully Transition into Your Next Job.  

Leave no stone unturned when you are seeking a high paying job!

Job Search Videos

Here are a few YouTube videos related to job interviews:
Job interview techniques.

Silly Job Interview - Monty Python. (Humor)

P.S. - If using my links help you find a job, you can buy me a dinner! You can send me a $200 Mortonís Steak House gift certificate to cover a dinner for me and my wife, Susan. You can contact me for my mailing information when you land your new job. 

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